blowncovers: Graduation Contest: Runner-up #5 By Jean…


Graduation Contest: Runner-up #5

By Jean Tuttle

The details in the image (the pointing finger, the hand as a fig leaf, the grey brick wall against the green garden) all serve to tell the same story over and over again – which is an image construction more akin to a Rockwell than to a New Yorker cover. In a New Yorker cover, each detail often serves to tell a different part of the story. Still, this does seem to be how college students feel about their alma maters these days. We admire the artist for putting her finger on that feeling of being kicked out.

This was before we all started putting the Blown Covers logo on our entries instead – oops! (Not a real New Yorker cover, in other words, just a submission for the very fun Blown Covers Contest, run by the New Yorker’s art editor, Francoise Mouly, and daughter Nadja Spiegelman, last year.)

More of my faux New Yorker covers and concept sketches for the Blown Covers Contest can be seen here on my website.

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