BOLOGNA !!! ciao

BOLOGNA !!! ciao

I’m ever so envious of all those now at the Bologna International Chrildren’s Book Fair in Italy!!!  I had the very great pleasure of attending in 2004, and each year now I’m full of this envy.  I went just to go.  As an Artist Agent, I don’t have the rights to sell that the fair is all about…the publishers are doing that.  But I’d heard so much about it (and then there is ITALY) so off I finally went.  It’s just a treat for anyone in this industry as the fair is ALL children’s industy! wow.  And the Art Show showcasing artists from around the world is worth the trip alone.  LOVE IT!  The styles are quite different and innovative.  NOT many of interest to USA publishers I learned, but of great interest to any artist and agent such as myself.  If you artists ever get to go…. GO!  :)  

I was lucky enough to travel with my then almost mid 20′s daughter and we found we became ‘friends’ as well as Mom and daughter somewhere during that trip.  Maybe it was the glass of red wine almost under the Rialto Bridge in Venice? or knowing she was ok walking around Bologna while I worked the fair? or was it overlooking Florence sitting on ancient stone steps on the hillside across the river. Or dancing with the cook and the waiter at dinner that night?  memories…. so worth the trip.  So forgive me my envy as we wait to hear what the fair will bring forth! 

It’s a new spring 2011 and the world of publishing is changing as the fair goes on!  We need to keep alert and excited if a bit anxious at times.  DIS-comfort can be a creative juice…. let it flow!

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