Book News: Fifth Printing!

Hard to believe but I just ordered a fifth printing of The Mad Art of Caricature! The staying power of the book’s sales is really amazing, especially through traditional brick and mortar stores. My distributor really goes through them, and we have very few returns meaning they aren’t sitting on shelves too long.  I don’t think I will run out of the current stock before the reprint arrives, but it will be a close thing.

I have made little progress with the “version 2.0″ of the book, which was to include material I cut from the original book due to space, and some things I thought might be worth including in an updated version. I now do not think I will do the 2.0 version. I just don’t think the extra material merits the update… the real essentials are included already, and I am concerned people will think it’s nothing more than milking the same product for more dough. The extra stuff might only amount to 16-20 pages.

My thanks to everyone who has gotten a copy! I worked hard on it and am happy so many people have gotten something from it.

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