BotCon 2012 – Dallas TX!

BotCon 2012 – Dallas TX!

It’s just TWO WEEKS away!
And again this year, I’ll be appearing in the Artists Alley during the convention.
 I’ll have plenty of stuff for sale, the above image is the cover, and back cover  to the new sketchbook, 20 pages, and some leftover vol. 1 will also be available – for a mere $15 each.  Here’s some preview images of what you’ll find in there…

Lady Mirage, a female version of the classic G1 character.

The Protectobot Scout, a character I designed from the Revenge of the Fallen game.

And the centerfold page, Devastator VS the Dinobots!

I’ll also be doing head/bust quick sketches in the front cover of the sketchbook, for an additional $10, for anyone interested.
Also, I’ll have prints available:
 These will run you just $20 each, full color glossy 11×17″ – by far I will have mostly Transformers images, (and even a few more than even what’s shown above) but I’ll have some of the Marvel images available as well, Predator, etc.  Lots of original art will also be available, most of the sketchbook images, among other things – you’ll just have to stop by to see what I have!
Also, I’ll be taking commissions at the con, but I can also take some preorders,  that you can pick up at the con, contact me for more details at  It’s $70 for a 9×12″ B/W marker sketch, a single (existing, no new concepts) character, usually waist up.  Here’s a great example of one that’s going to be picked up at the con:

All right, that’s about every last thing I can think of, hope to see you there!
Sidenote – I’m pretty excited.  I’m turning it into a bit of an adventure, driving Route 66, from LA to Dallas.  And on the way home, along the border, taking the 10, through Tombstone, AZ.  That’s right, I’m going to the OK Corral.
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