Boudoir Photo Session Tampa

A Boudoir client just left my place after viewing and selecting photos from her session last week.
She was very happy with the results, she was almost in the good kind of tears and I got a hug at the end.

This was also my first time working with Nicole from Jess Waldrop Makeup Artists. They make things incredibly easy for my clients and me as far as scheduling. I would highly recommend giving them a try.

I haven’t really talked much about what happens AFTER the photoshoot with clients.
The first thing I do is go through all of the photos and delete anything that’s out of focus or photos with ‘half eye blinks’.
Next I group together the shots that are very similar and choose the best of those.
Third I re-crop some of the photographs into more interesting compositions and do some light retouching, like removing blemishes and lightening and darkening images.
I then email the client a few sneak peek images-usually within one or two days.
Next, all of the ‘Best Of’ images go into an iPhoto slide show and viewed at my residential studio with music-this is the client’s first look at everything together.
After the slideshow I leave her alone to view everything again privately and make her selections, but at the same time I am near enough to answer any questions.
Once the photos are chosen I do my final editing in Photoshop before delivering the finished product.

At least that’s the process THIS week.  I’m always tweaking it.
Click image for a larger view- the series with this hat was amazing!

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