Breakthrough Contest Launched!

Breakthrough Contest Launched!

Breakthrough Contest Launched

What is Breakthrough? It is the first worldwide artists talent search to be launched by an artists’ agent. What are we looking for? The most talented young professional artist, or a student, under 35 who has less than 5 years experience in the industry.

What makes this contest different? We are not affiliated with any school or art organization. We are talent agents, we are in the trenches, we deal with the actual business of art: managing careers, sourcing jobs, promotion, advertising, billing, etc.

A select group of art directors, designers, creative directors, and artists will judge this contest to find an artist that has the talent, the skill set, craftsmanship, and the creativity to be this year’s diamond in the rough.

We are reaching out globally. The winner will come to New York City where they will show their portfolio to top art directors and our artists. We will introduce them to the real business of illustration and award a cash prize.

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