Jovian Trader
Copyright 2016, Joseph A. Wraith
   Winter is here and it is probably the busiest season for all of us.   With the stresses of trying to get work completed prior to the holidays, finding the right presents, doing the parties, decorations, the weather and jeez everything else life throws at you this time of year, it’s a wonder we get anything done.   I know I sleep a lot less this time of year. 
   I also know that if I don’t get at least one personal piece of work done a week I feel like the week isn’t finished.   So add that to the holiday mayhem and sleep isn’t allowed.   Ok, maybe just a wink.
  I usually spend my weekends if not at the beach partially at least in front of my computer doing something new.   Right now I just finished the above image over the weekend and next weekend I have a new Monsterling character planned and after that a new Grossters character will be created in 3d.    My personal art-list goes on and on.   It’s not like I am actually trying to stack my portfolio or anything, it’s just that my brain wont turn off and it keeps giving me new things to work on, or try out.   I’m also particularly creative during this season for some reason or another, maybe it’s all the creative influences around me, the Christmas lights, ornaments, the smell of cinnamon and rosemary from the kitchen, the warmth of my electric digital fireplace, or the eggnog, yea, it’s probably the over-indulgence in the eggnog no doubt… I like a little Eggnog with my Rum.
Stay Creative!