Busy Summer !

It’s Autumn already and I see that I’ve failed to post at all recently – this is because I’ve been, thankfully, extremely busy – the unpredictability of self employment means it can be feast or famine. Take last August for example, my first for as long as I can remember without any work, luckily I was building my new studio, so that was kind of fine – but a year later it’s the opposite – my busiest August ever. Who knows why these things happen – so I’ve been juggling cbeebies work with ‘My first Encyclopedia’ and a giant world map (with quite a lot of detail on). In addition to planning a new campaign for Dinky the Dinosaur. So I’ve been struggling even to get Book 6 of the Elly apps out, but it’s finally done and should be out in October…

So hence no postings, but here’s a cbeebies spread from 3 jobs ago, it’s summery scene and I was pleased with this one ! BFN

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