Each $5 raffle ticket will enter you into the drawing for your chance to win one of ten prizes!
Buy Tickets ($5 Each) at: https://www.griffiness.com/charity-drive
This is to raise money for the treatment of my friend’s dog who was badly injured by another dog they were fostering (because they’re good people).
You can read more info about the situation or give directly at:https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-Roxy-better
I like to help good people but I’m a poor artist so I’m trying to help raise money for them with my skills.
Prizes are all of YOUR pet (or the pet of your choosing). You’ll need to provide me reference photos Prize availability:
One (1) 16×12 inch portrait Three (3) 8×10 inch portaits Six (6) 6×4 inch portraits Winners will be selected live at Twitch.tv/ShadedAreas 8pm on Sunday, February 11th Concurrent announcements will go to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Winners will be contacted directly by email.
All prizes are limited to 2 subjects maximum on the 16×12 inch and 8×10 inch portraits and 1 subject for the 6×4 inch. Full color and shipping included. Please help me help them if you can and you may even get a lovely pet portrait for yourself out of it.