Came across #marchmeetthemaker, thanks to @lindseybalbierz, and…

Came across #marchmeetthemaker, thanks to @lindseybalbierz, and have decided to climb on board a few days late. Day1: this is me as a toddler drawing/painting/making. Some 2-3 decades later, some things don’t change. I am the illustrator-pattern designer-maker behind NANU Illustration and I am based in Hoboken, NJ. I also teach drawing at Union County College and design at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. I grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and have been living in the US since August 1999 (mostly the north east – Boston/New York area – with a little stint in Savannah, GA). When I’m not drawing or coloring, I am doing or teaching yoga, learning Muay Thai, and exploring.

#illustration #maker #surfacedesign #meetthemaker #design

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