Carmine Bellucci Piñata People Gamay wine label

May 4, 2017 Damian Hamilton from Cornershop Adelaide commissioned Carmine Bellucci to illustrate a wrap around wine label for Samuel’s Gorge Mclaren Vale – Piñata People 2015 Gamay.

Hand painted on woodboard with acrylics, the artwork is a colourful parade of happy and festive people dancing and having fun in the village as if in a bursting piñata. I wanted the whole painting to be a celebration, a ceremony of positive energy spreading all around the village.

“Cornershop briefed me to create an illustration showing the energy, excitement, colour, movement and fun that a bursting piñata represents and that could be found at a village carnival or festival. To to depict and create an artwork that could convey the exotic flavours and frivolous energy of Gamay and show a celebration and vibrancy of life, while engaging the viewer with a myriad of little details that draws you in and keeps you looking.”


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