Cartoonist Robert Crumb Artwork Auctioned For Just Under $17K

Cartoonist Robert Crumb, who is the undisputed godfather of underground comics, recently saw some of his original art recently auctioned off for just under seventeen thousand dollars. I think this is unbelievable for many reasons. First, the dude is still alive and well and living in the south of France. the second reason is he doesn’t honestly think his work is worth that much….in essence, he never grasped the commercial aspect of his cartooning style. He never embraced the commercialism of cartooning that most cartoonists aspire to and I think he should be lauded for this. Some call this peculiar, weird or any other type of strangeness associated to his talent. I really don’t think so, I think he does what he wants and does it the way he wants to. Really, isn’t that what anyone really wants out of life? Read about it here: Cartoon art by Crumb Sells At Auction

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