Celebrate the ordinary…everyday

Celebrate the ordinary…everyday

It’s Tuesday, and there are 15 things on the “to-do” list. The list has a several items that I rather avoid. There’s also laundry upstairs that needs folding…

Lists and Laundry. Our days are filled to the brim with burdens. They often become our only focus. It’s easy to feel that life is run by lists and not loves. Our careers and goals are ambitiously begun to allow us someday enjoy the “American Dream”–but while we work hard for this elusive “someday” is there time to enjoy today?

There has to be time for celebration everyday. I’m not talking about a balloon filled, clown infested festival. Just something ordinary. Something satisfying…Daily.

For example, today there are fresh berries for cereal, the office windows are open and the birds are singing, puppies are sleeping nearby, and plans for a bike ride is promised after the office is closed. Realizing, anticipating and appreciating these little joys provide a YAY in my day as the to-do list is accomplished.

It doesn’t have to be a ticker-tape parade–just something that brings pleasure and contentment. Also (and most importantly) the moment must be savored and appreciated in both the anticipation and the participation. In other words–be aware of the fun! Revel in the moment and this small celebration will outshine all the to-do’s of the day. Make your glass half fun and make the glass a fine piece of stemware!

Here’s a short list of my favorite everyday celebrations:
Warm crusty bread with good olive oil, pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
Family dinners
Homemade pizza
Candles with dinner
Frosting (on anything)
Folded potato chips
My dogs
Ice cream on a hot day
Bike rides

Red wine in beautiful stemware

A good book and a moment to read

Nothing on this list has to be expensive or even needs to be scheduled. Anticipating, savoring, appreciating, reminiscing and chatting about an everyday celebration is much better than narrating the 15 things waiting impatiently on a to-do list.

To truly celebrate the tiny joys of life, it is important to realize little things are so enjoyable!

Life is everyday. Let’s celebrate!
Have a bright day, indeed.

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