Celebrating ‘Pacific Rim’ with the ‘Poster Posse’

Celebrating ‘Pacific Rim’ with the ‘Poster Posse’


Over at Blurppy.com there is something going on – We’re celebrating exciting movies we can’t wait to see… this time round it’s Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim that gets the Poster Posse treatment and there is so much of it that Blurppy had to do two phases…. over 2 days… both of which are now LIVE. 

Here’s What Blurrpy had to say…


So far this year Blurppy has had 2 Poster Posse Projects. The first was for World War Z and the second was for Star Trek Into Darkness. For our third project I knew we HAD to tackle Guillermo del Toro’s, “Pacific Rim.” The sheer size and scale of the robots and monsters along with Toro’s amazing vision made Pacific Rim a no-brainer.

— Blurppy.com

Check out the artwork from over 24 Artists here: Phase One:   Phase Two: 

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