Tormund Giantsbane
GOT Illustration
©2017 Copyright, Joseph A. Wraith
 Well it’s been a long horrible month, from weather storms to media storms. 
 Nope, don’t like it, not one bit.
 Today I deactivated my Facebook account.  I realized I spend far too much time soaking up the negativity from that ridiculous forum, and I get nothing from it in return, but anger and a headache from all the boundless stupidity and idiocracy flailing from everything from Bad Ads to Real and Fake News, and lets not forget about the Comments that follow it all… everyone has an opinion and must vent it.  They should rename it HateBook.  I mean I follow mostly artist pages and it’s becoming a big political/race driven mess. Someone puts a piece of art up and no one can just enjoy it without adding something negative, or political about it even if the art is innocuous.

It doesn’t really seem to matter what I remove as far as…
… you know what? 
Forget about it. 
It’s not worth discussing here.
Changing the Channel…
  Anyway, I’m changing the channel on what I read, listen to and allow to permeate my day.
I need more creativity, positive thought and inspiration. Especially after having to suffer through the the stress of a hurricane, (Just so you know I’m located in South Florida), as well as an up-coming move to a new place to live, (prior to the hurricanes).  It’s just way too much sometimes.
 Stress will kill your creative spark in an instant, everything from the weather, client interactions, to news about what our country is going through can harsh out my creative flow.
  I really don’t need any extra-strength-super-stress coming from my social networking sites either, and they are filled with that. The echoes of stupidity and hate seem to be what those “Venting Machines” are all about. 
  Trust me, it’s going to be itching the back of my mind like a lost limb to go back on and read more, you get addicted to it and crave the utter frustration that it ends up leading to.  
 Facebook, I learned a long time is about 2 things… Vanity and Voyeurism, that is it.
 What are they doing and what am I doing better than what they are doing.
  It’s constant, consistent and commercial, they make a lot of money from selling it to you as well.
I jumped ship.
  I’m done with it at this point. My actual friends, who matter, have my info. My real family knows where I am. I don’t need a fake friends list to know my every move, or what I’m in to. If they want to know they can invite me over for a BBQ and we can discuss it then.

  So now I have given myself the time back that I was giving away to anxiety and frustration of the “FB Generation”.  I now have the time to draw, sculpt, or paint and time to look at art books, or art sites and get inspired by all the new and old artists and their mediums and media that are real and heart felt.  
  I need my ART back. That Creative Spark!  That wanting to create for the sake of creation.
   At first I thought it was like writers’ block.  Then I realized, I’m all backed up. I’m going through “Creative Constipation”.
  It’s not like I don’t have enough creative projects to do, it’s just that all the collected negativity has stifled my ingenuity and dropped my creative energies to nil.
  I have to get away from all of that to find my inner child and let him kick my ass for being such an adult and allowing my creativity to take a beating by something as noxious and toxic as Facebook.


  Ok, moving on, time to do some work and do some art.
  C’mon, lil’ Joey let’s go play with the crayons…