Christian Dellavedova, represented by AAARep, is back with another exciting cover illustration!

Christian was recently commissioned by Think Publishing to illustrate the cover for the April 2019 issue of Step Journal. This issue guides readers through the more delicate elements of private client work—namely discussions surrounding mental and decisional capacity, which will be of interest to any practitioners dealing with elderly or vulnerable clients. Christian was asked to create an institutional and elegant design to illustrate these concepts. His image was rendered in Adobe Illustrator using a simple color palette, along with some additional textures elements using Adobe Photoshop.

Based out of Milan, Italy, Christian specializes in editorial and conceptual illustration. In his own words: “Translating a story in a single image was always for me the most exciting challenge.” He has worked with a variety of publications throughout the years, and has also helped agencies worldwide in some important advertising campaigns. In addition to being a regular contributor to the political Italian magazine Internazionale, Christian has worked with a number of international clients, including Scientific American, The Boston Globe, Men’s Health, Wired UK and many more.

To view more of Christian Dellavedova’s work, visit, or check out his Directory of Illustration portfolio.