This was a really fun cover to do for an article about spending money at comic conventions. It is very easy to blow lots of funds at these events in terms of travel, purchases, event tickets, and building or buying costumes; I speak from personal experience. While this was sort of an “advertorial” article for the Tampa Bay Comic Con, the art director wanted to focus on the cost aspect over the generic con vibe.

Sketches. Most focus on cosplay as the article featured  some focus on interviews with two cosplaying groups.

I was thrilled that my favorite sketch was selected as I thought it had little chance. It is a spoof of the most famous and valuable comic ever, Action Comics #1 (first appearance of Superman). It is a bit of a tradition in comics to spoof the cover with more modern heroes so I thought it would be cool to do so with this article. In the final sketch, I also worked in some cosplay and con-attendee elements (video recording, con passes, etc) to tie it all together.

Final image. I also created all of the cover elements, and I tried to make them feel modern and tied into the style of the image, hence the lack of outline on the logo. I think it works well.

This was a very thrilling and fun assignment for me as I was a huge comic fan from my childhood years through college. They have had a huge influence on my work. Not so much of the current comics these days, but the great thing about good comics is you can always enjoy them over and over again!

Here is the original cover of Action Comics #1 by Joe Shuster; I hope I did it justice!

Thanks for reading!

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