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Joe Magee for Mental Health Awareness Week

Earlier this month, Joe Magee created artwork for Mental Health Awareness Week. The week occurs in early May and during the entire week, the Mental Health Foundation of the UK run multiple campaigns around a specific theme that have to do with mental health issues.

Take a look at more of Joe’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at periphery.co.uk.

©Joe Magee

©Joe Magee

Marcus Marritt for Construction Manager

Marcus Marritt was commissioned to illustrate the front cover and full page editorial for the new look for Construction Manager magazine.

About Marcus

Marcus Marritt is an illustrator based in the UK whose work is based on a minimal approach. Marcus’ clients include Financial Times, goal.com, Chelsea FC, WIRED, Oreo Cookies, ASOS amongst much more.

See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and his website.

©Marcus Marritt


Owen Davey: The Life & TImes of Albus Dumbledore

Owen Davey‘s new illustration for Pottermore examines the life of Albus Dumbledore, portraying the significant moments that shaped the life of one of the most influential wizards of his time.

Get the full experience here.

Owen is represented by Folio Art. View more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio, or at folioart.co.uk.

©Owen Davey

©Owen Davey

©Owen Davey

©Owen Davey

©Owen Davey

10 Winning Illustrations That Smash the Competition

Featured image: ©ilovedust | Rep: Debut Art

It’s undeniable the impact that sports has all over the globe. There are very few places that you can visit that sports aren’t an integral aspect of the community. And rightfully so, because sports not only holds physical benefits, it also teaches social skills while helping build character values through teamwork and competition.

Here are 10 artists that use their artwork to portray some of the most well-known sports from around the world and the people that take part in the physical activity.

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Dahl Taylor for Albany Convention Center

This post originally appeared on the Mendola Artists’ website.

“After two years of planning, Albany-based artist Dahl Taylor was finally able to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Albany Convention Center, where he created wonderful murals that give a tour of the history of Albany and all of the things it has to offer.

The project included five themed murals in the main lobby focusing on the transportation, commerce, culture, history, and nature of Albany, as well as two additional panels: an impressive overview of Albany in the center’s entrance, and a mural at the top of the escalator which shows Albany’s path to a thriving state capital.

To further enhance visitors’ experience, the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau has created an interactive website to accompany the murals and provide additional information about the images.”

Dahl is represented by Mendola Artists. Browse his body of work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at mendolaart.com.

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

Anthony Kieren Illustrates Hollywood Legend, Burt Reynolds

A.E. Kieren was recently commissioned by the Smyth Hotel to document the hosting of the press facilities for TriBeCa Film Festival.

A.E. was able to draw a live portrait of Hollywood legend, Burt Reynolds, during a festival promoting his new film, Dog Years.

Check out more of A.E.’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.

Cristina Guitian – Irish Football Association

Tandem commissioned Cristina Guitian to create a new 13 feet mural to grace the walls of the Irish Football Association’s new visitor center.

The mural features Irish football supporters throughout the decades, walking together into the stadium in black and white.

Cristina is represented by Meiklejohn Illustration. View more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and meiklejohn.co.uk.