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Yann Legendre for Star Wars 40th Anniversary

Lucasfilm commissioned Yann Legendre to illustrate 24 stickers in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

The stickers are available in the App Store for iMessage and come complete with all 24 illustrations featuring classic characters and lines from the film.

Yann is represented by Debut Art. See more of his through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Yann Legendre

©Yann Legendre

Graham Studios Wins NAI Award for McLeod Plantation App

The Interpretive Media Awards presented by the National Association for Interpretation promotes excellence in the delivery of natural, cultural, and historical interpretive services.

As a part of the renewal of the McLeod Plantation Historic Site in Charleston, South Carolina, William Graham of Graham Studios was commissioned to create, “The McLeod Plantation Historic Site: Transition to Freedom app,” a self-guided iPhone tour of pre-Civil War cotton production.

In collaboration with the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission and The Design Minds, Inc.; Bill created illustrations and motion graphics that presented an historically accurate depiction of the process of picking, cleaning and ginning cotton which depended entirely on slave labor.

The app can be downloaded here.

Check out and his Directory of Illustration portfolio to see more work.


Owen Davey: Google Calendar

Owen Davey created five canvases for Google Calendar’s new feature to help inspire people to visualize themselves working towards their goals and sticking to their commitments.

Owen says, “It was great fun creating these little idyllic worlds for the characters to live in. Little aspirational snapshots of people’s lives and how they might like to live them. Exploring how different people might interpret the various sections of the Google Goals was a challenge, but cool, especially in finding a relevant setting for each of subject matters.”

Owen is represented by Folio Art. View more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio, or at

©Owen Davey


©Owen Davey




Timothy Banks Illustrates New Award-Winning Interactive Children’s Book App

Illustrator Timothy Banks recently created the artwork for Achoo Gaboo, an interactive children’s app that follows a sneezing elephant who can’t stop blowing bubbles.

Tim developed the charming cast of characters, hand-lettered the text and painted the scenery to give the digital story a handcrafted feel. There are fun animations and a handful of jokes to entertain young readers — and their parents.

Here’s what people are saying about the app:

“All the hallmarks of a classic picture book alongside thoughtful enhancements.” –

“Achoo Gaboo is a delightful reading experience that will send young kids into fits of laughter… Highly recommended.” –

“A new classic!” @AppsEdTech

The app, which won a Gold Medal from the Mom Choice Awards, is available here.

Check out the illustrations below!

Great job, Tim!

Timothy Banks is represented by Wilkinson Studios, Inc., International Agents for Illustration –


Timothy Banks, Achoo Gaboo


Timothy Banks, Achoo Gaboo


Timothy Banks, Achoo Gaboo


Timothy Banks, Achoo Gaboo

Julia Allum: Botanical Illustrations for Meditation App Anamaya

English illustrator Julia Allum completed a series of botanical illustration for a new meditation app created by the Anamaya Wellbeing Clinic in London.

The app is, “a comprehensive meditation course, which gives lasting moments of stillness for those whose lives are all go.”

The illustrations created by Julia show stages of growth for both healthy and withered plants, including  the Californian poppy, Lotus flower & Cherry blossom bonsai.


Julia Allum / Anamaya


Julia Allum / Anamaya


Julia Allum / Anamaya


Julia Allum / Anamaya


Appealing Apps

Creating artwork for mobile apps is one of the fastest growing markets right now! Explore the fun and imaginative projects that the Directory of Illustration artists have worked on!


Pietari Posti for Oggipital by Sneeweis Games:

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Joyce Hesselberth of Spur Design for PrestoBingo:


PrestoBingo Color’s first set of colors covers basic identification for preschoolers: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. On each screen, kids are asked to find objects of a certain color. Friendly narration guides them if they get stuck. To make it more challenging, sometimes kids will need to tilt their device to find a hiding shape that’s just off the screen. Then, when the basics are mastered, the difficulty level can be changed. Magenta? Periwinkle? Plum? Developing a broad vocabulary to describe color becomes a fun game.


Rocky Davies for Merlin’s Rage by Renren Games:

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Epic Puzzle RPG Action! Unleash the power of the jewels to defeat Dragons, Ogres, and other terrifying beasts. Use brains and brawn to capture, evolve, and grow legions of monsters to do your bidding. Explore a vast, dangerous world to avenge King Arthur’s murder and set loose Merlin’s Rage! -Renren Games


Owen Davey for TwoDots by Betaworks One:

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