Copyright and the Internet

Some people seem to think that the internet is a free source of images, which allows them to profit from.

I’ve recently found 1000’s of images are being copied onto CDs, as printable materials for crafting use, all for sale on Ebay.

This is an illegal form of copying, and it’s called copyright infringement.

Having contacted a couple of the Ebay seller who are doing this, they appear to believe that the images are in the “public domain” (in the words of one seller who I contacted, the images are on the internet and in books) so are free for usage.

COPYRIGHT means the “right to copy” or reproduce work. People pay the creators for that right to reproduce work, and that’s called a Copyright Licensing Agreement.

If you see CDs of images on Ebay, please ask the seller if these are licensed images and who the manufacturer is. If in doubt, please contact the designer who will be thrilled to know we are all looking out for one another. And report the item!

Art does not need to have the copyright symbol on it, for it to be copyright protected…. if you did not create it, then you don’t own the rights to it.

Just because an image is found on the internet does not mean it’s copyright free and in the public domain. It’s never ok to use artwork without the creators permission… period.

If you think my artwork is being reproduced illegally, please let me know.

Please also remember the following:

Ask permission from the artists / designers when putting their work onto your blog, and credit them!

Make sure the images are small jpgs so they can’t be easily copied.

Make sure the images have a watermarks / copyright information on them…. it all helps to protect images from being used without YOUR or my permission!

Thank you, Helz x

See full post here: Art & Soul2011-05-07.