“COWBOYING UP” in Wyoming!

“COWBOYING UP” in Wyoming!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!

Had to start this blog post about our recent Wyoming two week trip with a photo of the two of us, Bill, my husband of 46 years and about to have a BIG bday, and myself, at the CODY REDEO the first night we were truly in and beginning our Western adventure….to Cody, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole area, and Bozeman Montana before flying back home out of Billings.  So here we are ‘Cowboying Up’ as it was rainy and COLD! as you can tell by the amount of jackets and raingear Bill is carrying! And this before Labor Day!  But OH SO FUN~!  YEEHAW! loved the BB Cody Museums there too…really first rate and even Bill loved them!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!Old Faithful…one of many sightings!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! Morning Glory Pool – 3 1/2 mile hike…worth it!

We stayed at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge of Yellowstone for 5 days….wonderful spot and good ground point for seeing everything else there in the over 2million acres of AWESOME viewing!  It’s a boiling pot underneath which blows the mind! (pun intended)  and the WILDLIFE.  So heart warming to see, up close and personal at times, the Bison herds too.  And the varying tree regrowth of so many spots (800,000 acres!) from the 1988 fires brought tears to my eyes…the realization of time needed to repair damage!  So much there at Yellowstone! GO!  “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! and get out enjoy!

chuck wagon Roosevelt cookout… hokey and FUN!  many many waterfalls….

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!

We then left YS and hit the Grand Teton area which couldn’t be more different! WHOA! the earth heaved and there they were/are! I think the ‘youngest mountains’ in America… powerful.  We stayed three days at TURPIN MEADOW RANCH which I name because it’s worth a visit! old and authentic it’s been redone in ’14 – even our individual log cabin was restful with modern bath, most clean and comfortable. THE NICEST PEOPLE and gourmet food included TOO! Changed to another ‘ranch’ outside of Jackson town for 3 days too, but this was our favorite – yes those ARE the Tetons in distance!  “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!

We did a lot of UP hiking on our own to “hidden falls” on far side of Lake Jenny, and into some ‘back country’ with bear spray etc., but our favorite was the wild life again: some of our new friends!  “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!my pride! had to work to get this…Bill stayed in car! hmm  “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!  moose in Moose!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming!a huge 6×6 buggling elk right by car…cow ahead

Had much fun in Jackson town as well. real (if upscale) western feel everywhere! ELK horns surround the main square! wonderful places to stay, eat and shop tucked into a valley with Tetons RIGHT there. All a feel of ‘tough’ however…it’s outside and active and 7000 ft or more high! Not for sissies.  hahahahah  (note the Snake river white water pic!) Don’t miss breakfast at Nora’s in Wilson! And HAVE to ‘saddle up’ to the saddle bar seats at the Million $ Cowboy Bar but might not want to finish your drink in it!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! “COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! that’s us in rain gear…freezing! YEEHAW!

I must mention the most wonderful Museum of Western Art there outside of Jackson… a must go for everyone! Just to see the building! but the art is breathtaking and makes you SEE and understand more through the eyes of artists….ya know?

So much more I could say and show – of the sage I loved so, and the textures of the mountains, and streams, and geysers and everything! The subtle shades of colors, so earthy but distinct, and almost overwhelming beauty and hugeness of it all…even the tiniest detail. But I think my last picture will be of the birthday boy…my old man ‘Bison Bill’ (of 52 years really…high school sweethearts!) …a HAPPY COWBOY!

Happy Birthday love!

“COWBOYING UP†in Wyoming! and here’s to MANY MORE COWBOY!  xo

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