Craig Ward Gets Ice Cold with Dentyne Ice

This is Craig Ward. This is Craig Ward outside his studio in the winter. This is Craig Ward photographing ice forms. This is Craig Ward retouching letters in Photoshop. This is Craig Ward for Dentyne Ice.

Dentyne Ice wanted to convey just how ice cold their product was for their new brand campaign, so they brought in Craig to create an entire alphabet built out of ice. Each letter was formed with real ice that Craig then took outside in the freezing winter weather to photograph. Craig retouched each letter to make sure they all worked together, in any combination, aligning highlights and shadows as needed. The resulting typeface has all the cracks and imperfections of real ice blocks that are cold enough to stop you in your tracks.

Agency: McCann New York
Typographer & Photographer: Craig Ward
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy & Sean Bryan
SVP Group Creative Director: Mat Bisher
Creative Director: Jillian Goger
Copywriter: Sarah Lloyd
Art Director: Daniel Edelman
Director & Editor: Joshua Gross

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