Crash course….

Crash course….

I didn’t mean to disappear for a bit there!  But you all can identify….. my PC crashed two weeks ago!

And I took this opportunity to take my partner and daughter Christy Ewer’s encouragement to switch to an iMAC.   gulp.   It took a week for the machine to come in and have my essentials switched over….including a Parallel program that allows me to continue doing the ‘book work’ of the agency on Quickbooks in Microsoft, while all else with Apple.  gulp again.  Are you thinking ‘learning curve?’   _ELL YEAH!  Remember I’m an OLD CAT, and it’s not easy to teach us new tricks!  My patient husband who tries to be my IT guy, but didn’t have a Mac either (but now does), and I are still married but it’s a miracle!  I’m just getting over my  heavy depression and feeling of total inadequacy .  Intuitive?-  HA!   and my free ‘how-to’ isn’t till this thursday!

But you know….this HAS been a learning and ultimately reassuring experience!  I’ve always believed and found that to learn, really learn, we have to put ourselves in an uncomfortable position and deal.  (help and support is ok though!)  A place of ‘dis-ease.’ And that’s just what I did and am doing. gulp again.  I try to avoid this situation mostly (I’ve had my battles!)  But you know, it’s proved itself again to be true and worth it.  BONUS, in the rainy week I didn’t have a computer at all (my iPhone works remarkably well for that situation) I had the time to PLAY with my watercolors again. Been trying to get back into painting a bit more than the occasional Sunday.  This ‘enforced break’ allowed me the time. Again, there is some discomfort in my trying to ‘de-rust’ my own artistic flexibility.  But I found that it’s ‘still there’ and future happy hours in the ‘zone’ can happen.

Crash course….

So I’m ALMOST back in touch and functioning.  I have to close with a pic of my youngest of 8 grandkids, Finnegan, Christy’s youngest. At just 6 months now he is learning to sit up a bit…having just mastered rolling over!  and look how happy he looks with his book! He IS our ‘boy’ research assistant after all!  Everyday is a perhaps frustrating schedule of practicing new things for this young man! He doesn’t over think it….Finn just punges ahead! For instance, he’s just started eating actual soft food from a spoon too ….and LOVES it, I might add.  But that first moment of the ‘food’ experience brought a big FROWN.😦 – and then delight!

I’m not at the ‘delight’ stage quite yet….but one step at a time as we learn to ‘walk’ and then ‘run’!  That’s the WAY TUGEAU……….!

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