Crazy For Cult NY

I was so busy this week I forgot to post about Gallery 1988‘s Crazy for Cult show that opened in New York last night. I’ve had a blast making pieces for Gallery 1988’s shows and was super honored to be in their debut show in New York. Sounds like it was a big hit. Above is my piece “A Guy With a Good Imagination” based on the movie UHF on of my all time faves. Weird Al was one of my heros growing up and UHF’s theme of heart and imagination betting the bad guys really struck a chord with me when I first saw it. The piece is made out of spray painted cardstock in a wood frame with glass in the front. The show will be on display at 64 Gansevoort in the Meat Packing District through September 1st, Wednesday through Sundays, 11-6. Here is a video from the opening you can see my piece hanging on the wall around the 2:30 mark. Thanks to Gallery 1988 for inviting me to

Crazy 4 Cult: NY – Gallery1988 2012 video from Gallery1988 on Vimeo.

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