Creating and Stuff

Welcome to my new blog and website.  I am really excited about the new layout and the new journey.  I have been on a few month hiatus but I hope to get back in the swing of things really soon.  I am getting married this month and I am really excited!  I have been settling into my new place lately, it takes so much work!  Glad I finally got internet and my work bench set up.  Really like the room, has peacock artwork on the walls (the theme for Tiffany and I’s wedding).



The new set up:
Creating and Stuff


I hope to share more on this new site.  Lot’s of pictures, thoughts, videos, and of course: lots of my work.  I would also like for my blog to be a place for discussing the creative process, so please, commenting is absolutely encouraged.  Say whatever you want (within reason); you can tell me you hate my artwork, but please, discuss why.  Throwing out bold statements with no reasoning to back up your candor is just rude and unproductive.  Critiquing an artist can improve his craft, so suggestions and what-not are encouraged.  I also hope to create some useful tutorials for using Photoshop, Illustrator, and some traditional techniques.  Maybe I’ll even post about artists/things that inspire me.


Anyways, a little more about myself.  I’ve been drawing, drawing and drawing for many years.  Around the age of five, I would draw elaborate scenes of war (futuristic, modern, and medieval), with hundreds of characters battling, slaughtering, and doing funny things.  I would spend hours and hours adding to the drawings, sometimes revisiting the drawing later on to add more explosions or gore.

Do I think I am gifted at drawing?  I think that kind of discredits all the hard work I have put into something I love to do.  A lot of people approach me saying, “Wow, I wish I was as talented as you are.”  Very flattering, really.  However, the struggle I had/have to go through to get the quality of drawing I want is great.

“Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.”

-Chuck Jones
Animator for Warner Bros.

I have definitely had my share of bad drawings.  I still have days where I can’t stand the way my drawings are coming out.  Nothing is more frustrating that having what I like to call drawing block.  Every line you put down seems to not be right.  You just have to work through the muck.  Good luck to any aspiring artists.

Well, I don’t want to rant on forever.  More to come.


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