Creative Biz Note #21

Creative Biz Note #21

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Our schedule picked back up and I haven’t had much time to write the next Biz Note. I’m still re-reading ThinkerToys by Michael Michalko–a handbook that provides unconventional exercises for creatives when approaching problems.

Another approach to pushing your creativity:

Separate It–This is the technique that I use quite often. Take descriptive attributes of your “problem” and separate them from each other. This will allow you to concentrate on a specific attribute–breaking stereotypes and finding ways of changing it. List all the attributes and then combine or pair them up to create a new unusual idea. I sometimes will take a break and come back to make another list of attributes and then cross-breed that list with my other lists. It truly works.

The idea:
Most everything that is new or groundbreaking is an addition or an alteration of something that already exists. 

Books to Read:   ThinkerToys

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