Creative Biz Note #25

Do You Include Royalties on an Estimate for an App Project?

I came across this interesting question on Illustration Mundo and thought I’d share…”Should an artist ask for royalties when estimating for an app project?” 

My Response:
Good question…we’ve done art assets for game apps. Our experience has been that the budgets are low and it’s usually work-for-hire (even with substantial companies). Maybe give them a lower pricing deal with the royalties added on if you truly believe the app will do well? And an addititional estimate without royalties. But on the other hand, then you have to deal with trusting the client to give you the royalties and/or accurate quarterly sales. We’re currently working on two app projects and each collaboration has a joint venture agreement. Obviously, if you’re a large part of the project, then yes, try to get royalties. Most small companies are looking for a deal and will be hunting for a hungry artist to do it for almost nothing. As the saying goes…’you get what you pay for’…

Maybe others have had a different experience.?

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