Dance 4 Fitness Logo

Dance 4 Fitness Logo

I have recently been asked by a local dance company to produce a brand new logo design for the start of their new dance term. This emerging company, that focuses on all forms of dance to keep adults fit (from tap, ballet to hip hop), approached me as they want to take their brand to the next level.

As the company wanted to communicate all these different forms of dance, I had to think about how I could get across this integral part of their company within the design. After brainstorming and sketching in my sketchbook, I ended up with dancing silhouettes that fill a heart shape. The logo can be used as a whole, or the heart can also be used by itself (without text), especially on merchandise in particular – which I think it would look brilliantly.

Working from a limited colour palette of three complimentary colours of blue, gold and a yellow-gold, I wanted the logo to communicate a sense of fun and enjoyment that anyone can experience if they attend one of their dance sessions – getting away from the cliche of fitness in particular.

I developed the idea for this design within my sketchbook, and illustrated the final artwork using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I’m really happy with how this design has come out, and I hope you like it too! This logo design is also live on my illustration portfolio (which showcases my illustration, design and various other work), which you should certainly take a look at!

Do let me know what you think of this logo design for ‘Dance 4 Fitness’ by commenting below, I had a ton of fun producing it, leaving the client extremely happy to use, advertise and promote their new logo to the world!

Hope you like it!

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Dance 4 Fitness Logo

Dance 4 Fitness Logo

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