Danielle LaPorte Watercolor Portrait Illustration for Kelly Diels & Cleavage. There are feathers and bells. No whistles.

TODAY I’m on Cleavage. So happy to be able to contribute to Cleavage and Kelly Diels’ creative work! Read the love song Kelly wrote about and for Danielle LaPorte here. It’s like poetry + church + whisky. Smokey.


I could openly say it — I grew up (matured up) online thanks to Danielle and her WhiteHotTruth. It was then, when I found her digital Fire Starter Sessions, when I opened up again.

As a teenager I read everything Manuela Gretkowska wrote. Bohemian, intellectual, connecting history, kabbala, sex, gnosis and bodily fluids, she wrote like nobody’s business. To some degree I am who I am because of her books. And Zulawski’s and Kuryluk and Cortazar and Stasiuk.


Danielle LaPorte Portrait in Watercolor by Marta Spendowska for Kelly Diels and Cleavage

Danielle, to me, is like Manuela, just on this side of the ocean. It’s easier for me to connect to someone who’s physically closer to me, I guess. And Manuela is in Poland. Strange, I know.

But it wasn’t all admiration and yays. There were times of doubts if she’s genuine, there were times of doubt if she’s honest, but today I know those doubts were based on an intimidation that someone can be THAT genuine and THAT honest. At the end she’s a genie, with words, black big letters, ideas, execution of her own ideas, advice.
Her voice mellows everything.
She’s sharp. No, that’s not the word—she’s acute. 

And she’s very important to me. She’s very important to thousands of women and men. I imagine her sitting under blankets, with messy hair and no fake eyelashes all glowing her brilliance over some scribblings and writings. I know she must have wine on her side.

I adore her ever expanding online presence knowing she’s an introvert. I can relate.

Thank you Danielle for all your ENTER and SEND and PUBLISH key strokes. They mean a lot.


Kelly Diels and I are collaborating on series called : Women You Must Know , since we’re both women, feminists, creatives.  The women of now and then whom you just must notice. Really excited for every next Wednesday. Thank you Kelly! @KellyDiels

JUST NOW. On Sunday, 21st I reached over 200 votes. And I won the Draw A Dot. x Caitlin Power x KENTON magazine Illustration Contest! Thank you everyone for so much love and support! Besides all the prices this illustration will also be used for Caitlin Power’s private invitations. They emailed me if it’s possible and I said YES, of course.

So, again, thank you for all the love my friends!

Have a fantastic Week + Cheers!

marta spendowska

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