David Pohl 2010-05-29 18:20:00

David Pohl 2010-05-29 18:20:00

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

~Rabindranath Tagore

For some years before the term mashup became a popular term in the English lexicon, I have been interested in mining the fields of popular culture and combining disparate sources to create new works.  To facilitate my ideas I explore a full range of media including: painting, found object sculpture, photography, video, site specific installation, performance, digital art and sound.

Since 1991 I have integrated elements from Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Sikh traditions and rituals into my practice as a contemporary artist. Equally, the work remains influenced by America’s cultural heritage and the collective mythology of our times. Spontaneity is essential to my process, but I am not concerned with random combinations. There is a contextual relationship between any chosen medium and the narrative of a piece. Often one will dictate to the other. I am interested in exploring the depth of [a] shared cultural experience and one’s unique memories and associations to it.

This East meets West approach creates a tension in the work of tradition versus novelty. The temporary, mutable and time-based elements in my work point towards the cyclical nature of life. Everything that is new will soon become old, while what’s old, in time, becomes the next new thing. Swiftly moving technologies that we live and work with on a daily basis radically alter our notion of time.

I attempt to illustrate the idea that life is a spiritual process through which one can discover a deeper union with a timeless reality. Indeed, life is short, but (mechanical) time is the great illusion of history.

David Pohl
June 2009
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