Day 365: EVERYDAY!!!

So… we’re finally here, day 365… I have made a toast today… at Burger King, with Coke and Iced Tea but it was special… “Special” is the only word I can use to describe this experience. The one important part about doing this everyday was listening to music while writing. I have moved from one song to another and, each night, the song I had chosen would be on repeat until I clicked on “publish post.” Tonight, I’m listening to the song I began with, on Day 1, and, now, I remember exactly what it felt like when I began this project.

Now, I’m going to make my speech… the kind of speech I’d make if I imagine myself getting up on stage to receive an award… here it goes:
First of all, I’d like to thank “you” for reading and being here with me. I wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue if the statistics page didn’t have some kind of movement… “you” made all the difference. Then, I’d like to thank my family for giving me something to write about… All the good posts had something to do with you and your personal lives… so, thank you for supporting me, even though if it meant being in the public eye yourself at times. I’d also like to thank my friends, acquaintances, and anyone I’ve recently met for being apart of my daily experiences. Before I go on thanking the next person, I’d like to share something first:
Today, I said: “Hey, you know… it’s day 365 today… I’m done!” with a smile on my face.
He said: “Yaaaa, I know…” smiling back at me.
I said: “How do you know? You don’t read my blog… do you?”
He said: “Nope. I just look at the pictures and the number of day…” laughing.
I said: while laughing “Oh, really… so, you don’t remember the last one you actually read?”
He said: “Nope. Not at all.”
I said: “Don’t you ever wonder what’s in my head? Don’t you ever want to read it?”
He said: “Nope. I already know what’s in your head.”
I said: “Oh, ok… well, today is the last day…”
He said: “I know… better make it good…I got you something… but it’s on its way… not here yet… I’m not telling you what it is… but, it’s for your 365th day…”
I said: “Really? What is it? Tell me… uhhh, no, don’t tell me… I wanna be surprised… but, thank you… thank you for knowing it’s day 365…”
And, as we toasted to our success, sitting in a Burger King booth, toasting with soda cups, I thought: Wow… today was a big day… I have not only accomplished finishing the whole year but, I have accomplished finding the one person I’d like to accomplish everything with…
Today, is an end to a goal I set for myself 365 days ago… but, that is the only thing ending today… Everything else is starting… If tomorrow is day 366, or day 1, or year 1 + day 1… no matter what the title, my everyday is a new beginning.
Last Tip of the Day: Everyday is an accomplishment… Everyday is special… Everyday is worth making a toast to… EVERYDAY!
As I type my last few words, Armen turns to his side, while sleeping, looks up at me and asks “Is it powerful?”

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