Day 4 #marchmeetthemaker: Tools! I use a variety of different…

Day 4 #marchmeetthemaker: Tools!
I use a variety of different things depending on what I’m doing. My staples are pencil for sketches and preliminary work, sharpener or cutter to sharpen said pencil, and technical pen for inking, If I’m feeling fancy with my inking, I’ll use the Pelikan Graphos pen (circa 1935) that I inherited from my parents, which they used in college. Wacom pen and tablet for digital work, brushes for painting and creating textures with watercolor. When I’m drawing in my sketchbook I use markers, colored pens, gel pens, etc. Some years ago I also made myself bamboo dip pens – I don’t use those as often but they’re in the picture because I want to use them more.

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