Decisions, decisions…which one to choose?

Decisions, decisions…which one to choose?

This is my artwork submission for the Directory of Illustration. It’s changed quite a bit in regards to the layout. I had originally planned to have all the characters lined up in a row, but then I had an issue about how I was going to fill the rest of the page. So then I decided to just put the characters in groups, and I ended up with what you see here. 
The trouble I’m having right now is deciding what the final page is going to look like. I want the page to stand out (since it’s a thick book filled with hundreds of other artists, Illustrators and Graphic Designers etc.), so I’m trying to decide if I should use a white font vs. a black font, and if I should add any more colour to the background to make the page stand out.
I’ve been staring at this thing for way too long, so I need fresh eyes to look at this. This is where you can help me! 

Looking at this again (after taking a bit of a break), I’m leaning more towards the white background, but I still can’t decide if the font should be white or black?
The light turquoise background doesn’t bother me too much, but I think the purple background might be a bit too distracting to the eye? (Keep in mind that there will be a white border around the edge)

What are your thoughts? let me know what you think!

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