Derek Douglas created all of the adorable illustrations found in the recently released children’s book, Canada: Our Road to Democracy. This A-Z book takes its readers on a fun and informative journey through Canada’s past and present. It highlights the characteristics that define Canada’s democracy and its relationship with the rest of the world.

There’s a creeping tendency within English Canada to believe that we’re basically Americans from a colder climate, which is why every one of us should be forced to read this kids’ book. An ABC book, this is an unapologetic examination of Canada’s socialist leanings, presenting a cultural identity refreshingly free of hockey, doughnuts or beer. Also, in true Canadian fashion, it sat overlooked on the pile for almost a year. I’m not sure why Frida pulled it out and asked me to read her a letter a night. But by the time we got to Z(ed), we both knew that Canada is not only unique, it’s awesome.  – The Globe and Mail

Great job, Derek! Check out some of the lovely artwork below:


K is for King, Derek Douglas


M is for Mountie, Derek Douglas


N is for NAFTA, Derek Douglas


O is for Ottawa, Derek Douglas


Q is for Queen, Derek Douglas


Z is for Zeal, Derek Douglas