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The Directory of Illustration Artists have been busy conceptualizing, designing, and illustrating for some of the best-known companies and publications in the world.

Here’s just a few of the jobs they’ve been working on:

Peter Strain | Début Art Ltd.
Client: Queens Film Theatre
Project Name: The Grand Budapest Hotel Special
Queens Film Theatre Guide Cover
Being a huge Wes Anderson fan, Peter Strain was
thrilled to create a special QFT Guide cover
celebrating his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
He wanted to create a piece that referenced the kind
of poster style that was prominent in the 1920’s.


Ana Seixas | New Division
Client: NhomNhom
Project Name: Happy Fruit Salad
Ana Seixas illustrated this recipe for ‘Happy Fruit
Salad’ for homeware manufacturer NhomNhom.
Ana’s vibrant combination of typography and
illustration packed a punch!


Wesley Bedrosian
Client: School Library Journal
Project Name: Series Made Simple
Wesley Bedrosian had a lot of fun making this for
Art Director Mark Tuchman.


Mark Ryan
Client: Ogilvy
Project Name: Ogilvy Sharks
Ad Agency: Ogilvy Dublin
Brief to create seven sharks in Ogilvy branded sardine can to
commemorate their winning of seven shark awards at The Kinsale
International Advertising Awards.


Anne Cresci | Colagene, illustration clinic
Client: Marie Claire China
Project Name: Limited Edition Products Gifts
Anne Cresci illustrated a selection of limited edition products gifts with
a red theme festive setting for the approaching holiday season in China.


Dennis Wunsch
Dennis Wunsch Scotsman Guide
Client: Scotsman Guide Media
Project Name: Grow A Bigger Appetite For Hotel Deals
This project is a new editorial illustration created for the October
Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition. The article speaks to investors
interested in the hospitality sector.


Dongyun Lee | Richard Solomon Artists Representative

Client: Wall Street Journal
Project Name: Life Insurance Agents and the Things They Don’t Say
Dongyun Lee recently completed this piece for the Market Watch
section of The Wall Street Journal as part of a piece laying out 10
things life insurance agents won’t say. A few of them being “You
actually have too much life insurance”, ” We’d rather sell you investments
than insurance”, and ” Your child doesn’t really need life insurance”.


Aaron Ashley Illustration

Client: Culligan International
Project Name: Hotel/Hospital/Office Building Cutaway
A closeup detail view of a building cutaway infographic created for
Culligan International’s new interactive iPad app. The infographic
demonstrates how Culligan’s water treatment products can be utilized
within various industrial and commercial applications.


Mica Duran

Client: AstraZeneca MedImmune
Project Name: FluMist© Quadrivalent : Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine
Ad Agency: Cline Davis & Mann – Princeton
Modern color and style were utilized for advertising literature.
Images include application of intranasal vaccine; antibody locations
in mucosal, systemic and cellular systems; FluMist® Quadrivalent Virus
versus traditional flu virus; live attenuated vaccine; and traditional
inactivated flu vaccine.


Bob Venables

Client: Sunday Times
Project Name: Gods of Business
Ad Agency: Team News
Quest to discover the most admired business leader of the last 50 years
in The Sunday Times survey, chosen by the business elite.


Charles Glaubitz | Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency

Client: Sony Playstation
Project Name: The World Is In Play
Ad Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Charles Glaubitz was recently commissioned by 180 Amsterdam to
create this illustration for a Brand Book for their client Sony
PlayStation. They were looking to bring to the life the new Brand
mantra, “The World Is In Play”, and in doing so they came up with
six brand pillars that define their brand personality. Read more here.


Zina Saunders

Client: Christian Science Monitor
Project Name: Book Review
Putin pulling the strings on Russian TV, for a book review of “Nothing is
True and Everything is Possible”, Peter Pomerantsev’s account of his
decade in Moscow producing Russian TV shows. For The Christian
Science Monitor.


Rui Ricardo | Folio

Client: Volkswagen
Project Name: Advent Calendar
Ad Agency: Adam&EveDDB
Rui was commissioned to create this beautiful Amsterdam townhouse
in the style of his iconic travel posters, to be used as a promotional
advent calendar for Volkswagen.


Gavin Dias

Client: Computer Arts Magazine
Project Name: Pop Art Fashion Illustration
This was a tutorial for Computer Arts magazine, where Gavin Dias
demonstrated some methods on preparing and scanning line art for
digital coloring.


Eric Larsen
Client: Brent Ozar, Ltd.
Project Name: Website home page headers and spots.
The latest in a series of over 20 illustrations for Brent Ozar, Ltd.
They’re a company of young and brilliant people who specialize in all
things computer/business/server. In demand nationwide, they’re also some
of the smartest, funniest people Eric Larsen has ever had the pleasure
of working with. Visit their website at www.brentozar.com to see more of
the images and for some very amusing reading.


Jordon Cheung | George Grace Represents
Client: Vodaphone
Project Name: Vodafone for Grey Advertising London
Ad Agency: Grey London
Jordon Cheung was commissioned to produce this campaign by Grey
London advertising, on behalf of their client Vodafone. Jordon worked
closely alongside the creative team to produce a series of iconic
buildings for the cities of London, Sydney and Dublin. Within each
city he’s included the iconic landmarks as well as a few additional
fun features which were worked up into the finished piece.


Tom White / 9 Surf Studios
Client: Cerner Corporation
Project Name: One of eight data center murals
Cerner is a healthcare technology and solutions provider to doctors,
hospitals, pharmacies, workplace, research facilities, and other health
systems. I was commissioned to create eight murals that would be
strategically placed in their high-tech data center. Each mural
conceptualizes a specific aspect of the company and its services.


Allison Bruns
Client: VICE Magazine
Project Name: “A True Rip-off Artist” Illustration of C S Leigh
This illustration was commissioned by Photo Editor
Christian Storm at VICE Magazine for an article about
C S Leigh called “A True Rip-Off Artist”.


Nigel Sussman
Client: Time Out New York Magazine
Project Name: NYCC Comic Book Location Map
This is an isometric illustrated map of some real life comic book
locations in New York City. This map appeared in the New York Comic
Con edition of Time Out New York Magazine: October 2013.


Tom Chitty
Client: Telegramme Prints
Project Name: Toronto in Print
Screen print of Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood.


Trina Dalziel | Lilla Rogers Studio
Client: Redactive Publishing
Project Name: Bulletin – Royal College of Speech and Language
Therapists Magazine
This was for an article in Bulletin. It was about Sensory Auditory
Syndrome and one twelve year old girl’s experience of coping with it.


Paul Boston | Meiklejohn Illustration
Client: Woman’s Weekly
Project Name: Get Fit Without Trying
Paul Boston’s brilliant artwork for ‘Woman’s Weekly’ has inspired us
to get out in the sunshine and get some exercise. Paul was asked to
illustrate easy ways to get fit in his charming style.


Dave Murray
Client: Variety Magazine
Project Name: Timing the Emmy Awards
For a Variety Magazine article regarding fine-tuning the timing of
the Emmy Awards show.


Gary Swift | Lemonade Illustration Agency
Project Name: APP ICONS
A series of Cartoon icons for a Software development company.


Rob DeBank
Client: EPM Museum
Project Name: Jimi Hendrix
Ad Agency: EPM Museum
Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland


Christopher DeLorenzo
Client: Kiehl’s
Project Name: Kiehl’s – Artfully Made
Ad Agency: Night Agency
Art piece made for Kiehl’s cosmetics Artfully Made campaign where
they asked illustrators to showcase the beauty and story of their product.


Adhemas Batista
Client: Gatorade
Project Name: Gatorade Benefit Project
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day LA
Gatorade has partnered with artists from around the world to create a
dynamic print campaign featuring star athletes representing different
sports such as NFL, Baseball, Tennis and Athleticism. The campaign
features illustrations of the athletes that demonstrate the benefits of
Gatorade products and drives at the idea that athletic performance is
driven from the inside.


Cornel Rubino
Client: Urbanite Magazine
Project Name: Stories from the Stoops
Cornel Rubino has been fortunate to work often with Alex Castro
of Castro/Arts LLC and the Creative Director of Urbanite and
Nest Magazines and the architect and designer of the Visionary
Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. His leadership and confidence
in Cornels ideas and approach for Urbanite covers has created a
most rewarding business and personal relationship. The image
suggests the various inner city stories that make Baltimore a terrific
town, especially for the creative class.


Tavis Coburn
Client: Fox Sports
Part of a series of poster images made for the Fox Sports television
show Crowd Goes Wild.


Grumpyboy Studios
Client: American Heart Association
Project Name: The Little Girl who Found Her Heart
Ad Agency: CDM
Design Firm: Grumpyboy Studios
This wonderful children’s book, done in affiliation with the American
Heart Association, is a great little story about Sally Smart, a little girl
who goes in search of her heart, only to find that she had it all the time.
It was created to help raise awareness of heart health in children and
the proceeds from the first printing went directly to the AHA fund.
One of Grumpyboy Studios proudest moments.


Sawsan Chalabi
Client: Charleston Magazine
Project Name: Freebie Spoleto
Editorial illustration for an article about how living in Charleston
offers so many free and fun activities… not to mention food samplings!


These selections only account for a handful (or five) of our artists’ Featured Projects.

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