Diver & Aguilar Photograph The Paradigm of Excess

Diver & Aguilar capture consumer excess for their new project “The Consumption Project: The Paradigm of Excess” for Moda Magazine. The photography duo collaborated with Filippo La Bruna on a series of installations that represent “the unbridled materialistic greed of our society.” The goal of the project is to inspire people to reevaluate what is essential in life.

Diver & Aguilar hand-sourced and built each piece for the installations. They include a neat pile of discarded shoes, a waterfall of empty plastic bottles, hanging lightbulbs and an overstuffed refrigerator.  Each represents items people consume and then discard in great quantity. Mike Diver says, “Art becomes a means to communicate awareness and reflection of a possible new perspectives of living.”

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