2013-04-26 02:10:21

In this month’s Popular Science I worked up a double page illustration for their Superlative section. In this case it is the world’s largest telescope dish. Crazy assignment because I had two weeks to do it, and half that time I had planned to be on vacation in Hawaii. A killer part of this was that I decided to use Vue because of the terrain and the trees. But Vue is horrible on render times, even on an 8 core computer. Half the time I would be on my laptop, a 4 core machine. Yikes. A test render on this scene took 6 hours. Like any piece, you tend to do between 4 to 20 versions to tweak things. To solve the problem (and still enjoy my vacation) I sent my file to Ranch Computing so their render farm could crunch the numbers. It worked great. The modeling was done in Lighwave. My only regret is that I wish I had another week on the project to nail the lighting. But the client was very pleased with the result. I tell all my clients that ‘time is quality.’


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