Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,108: I Regret Nothing.

I didn’t do terribly well at the prerelease, and one or two misplays that I was aware of as I made them notwithstanding, I’m not sure exactly why.

I ended up mulliganing in every game after my first match (which I won because my opponent had mana problems of his own), despite putting more lands in my deck than I normally do in order to accommodate my “bomb rare” (in quotes because I am doubtful as to how good it really is and also, I guess that’s a pun) Siege Dragon, along with the two Thundering Giants and the Cone of Flame I figured would clear the way in the midgame. Otherwise, my mana curve stopped pretty firmly at three, but I would find the Siege along with one of the two 4-cost cards in my opening hand each time, sometimes with a Giant along with it for giggles.

Anyhow, I lost in the second round to the awkward playing field created by Ob Nixilis, Unshackled and a cluttered battlefield of squishy creatures on both sides, then Resolute Archangel broke my morale in the finals, leaving me at 1-2, and getting to sleep some time around 7am.

Now I’m free to stumble through the rest of the afternoon/evening.

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