Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,258: I’d be Lion…

So during one of the more exposition-heavy parts of the Further Adventures of Vadim the Semitic Paladin (I was offstage, as Strahd and I did not exactly see eye-to-eye), I started drawing to pass the time:

Click to Enlarge.

I started off with a narrow head and wanted some nonstandard but still ostentatious accoutrements to go with it. My mind settled on the fins of a lionfish and wouldn’t let go, so I started Googling around to find some that I liked. By the time I did, the party was back together, so I put the sketchbook down and got back to smiting.

On the way home, I didn’t have access to the photo I’d found, so I just filled it in as best as I could. I’m still happy with the way that it turned out, but I’m pretty sure that if I’d kept going from the start that the (literal) fins would have been longer and more profuse.

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