Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,264: Pluck and Loot.

So like I mentioned earlier, the girlfriend and  I went and took on a dungeon in Neverwinter. It was recommended that you take 5 players into the dungeon, we managed to do it with only 2, and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. part of our making it through was probably because we seem to have a lot of rare loot. Not totally twinked out, but it’s there.

Anyhow, tonight we ended up looking for trouble, and its name was Charthraxis. The game advised that we take 4-8 others along with us on this quest, but we were too full of pluckiness to listen. We stomped our way through elite mercenaries and kobold cultists, buffed a bit and ran into the dragon’s lair…

And were promptly roflstomped. As we should have been- that dragon was huge.

All our pluck and loot was NO match for Charthraxis and his goons.

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