Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,287: Fsst.

So I decided to do something else.

Instead of drawing something vaguely uninspired about how cold it is here in Brooklyn (I ended up walking home from a friend’s house through the 14-degree-ness and kind of enjoyed it, now the bitter winds are rattling the door to my apartment), I picked up a Bic rollerball pen and drew something.

Not “inked something,” drew something. Working without a net.

It was scary and refreshing at the same time, especially since i had nothing in mind for what I actually wanted to draw in the first place- whatever I did would be there for(ever) me to incorporate or work around (somehow) and I just kept going. The pen combined with my naturally squirrelly sketch line created an interesting texture in spots which I also like.

This might be a thing for a while.

PS: When was someone going to tell me that I forgot to change my Photoshop action that put in the copyright and website information?

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