Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,309: Keepin’ It Real (Sleepy).

Jesus Fuck, I’m tired.

But not too tired to at least try to make something cool:

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One of the things about making Better Drawingsâ„¢ is that it takes concentration, and more importantly, time. I really wanted to go to bed and in my haste, forgot to draw the extra arms that I had lightly put down in my opening pen strokes, so the sleep-hoarding dragon ended up being (more than) a little off-model, and that annoys me.

Also, the sleep-hoarder is supposed to be relatively simple to draw, and its little patches of scales looked off, but I was in no way ready to even attempt filling the page with the tiny little scales it has. Even stippling them was proving to be more effort than I could bring myself to make.

Anyway, bed.

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