Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 647: Evolution. Implied Symbiosis.

So I went to this thing at SVA today about Social Media for Artists, but it really should have been called “You Should Be Using Twitter (Properly) And This Is How You Do That.” There was even a hashtag for the event (#svasm), as the speaker expected us to be more Twitter-savvy than we were; I think the only people tweeting through the event were the Alumni Association people.

The talk was informative and thought-provoking, and now I grudgingly have to get on The Twitter and somehow make that work, because I didn’t have enough to do around here as it is. (This is my space; I can be negative if I want to, especially about things I am obligated to do when all I want to do is make pretty pictures.)


04042013 - Evolution. Implied Symbiosis.

To make matters not exactly worse, but less fun, apparently the symbiotic relationship that this sketch is based on is (apparently) purely mythical, which I never knew and makes me sad. Right in the childhood, and hopefully not indicative of things to come.

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