Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 653: Right to Bear Swords.

So last night pretty much went as expected. The dragon lasted two rounds before it was summarily put down because of its abysmal Touch Armor Class and the resident gunslinger having multiple guns (the dragon used its second action to disarm 3/4 of the party, but, like I said, the gunslinger pulled out his next  gun and blew the dragon away.)

In the aftermath, one of the players (the guy who usually runs) joked about why he never put the party up against that many dragons- they’re too easy to hit (believe it or not, there were two gunslingers in the party at one point), and that dragons probably tried to suppress black-powder weapons at one point.

Which led to this:

04102013 - Right to Bear Swords.

I wanted to make a demotivational about “guns don’t kill people,” but I couldn’t think of a suitable gag, or even a funny one, really. Ah, well.


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