Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 670: The Other Ones, 3 of several.

Here is a list of random words that wordgenerator.net coughed up:

Tog Definition: To put toggery or togs on to dress    usually with out implying care elaborateness or the like

Artow Definition: A contraction of art thou

Mesonasal Definition: Of or pertaining to the middle portion of the nasal region

Drudgery Definition: The act of drudging disagreeable and wearisome labor ignoble or slavish toil

Oyster green Definition: A green membranous seaweed Ulva often found growing on oysters but common on stones piles etc

Crossbeam Definition: A girder

Webbed Definition: Provided with a web

Tauntingly Definition: In a taunting manner

Incarcerate Definition: Imprisoned

Boramez Definition: See Barometz

Registership Definition: The office of a register

Verbarlucernarida Definition: A division of acalephs including Lucernaria and allied genera    called also Calycozoa

Eos Definition: Aurora the goddess of morn

Columned Definition: Having columns

Accumulate Definition: To heap up in a mass to pile up to collect or bring together to amass as to accumulate a sum of money

Polyandric Definition: Pertaining to or characterized by polyandry mating with several males

Gashful Definition: Full of gashes hideous frightful

Alabastrum Definition: A flower bud

Definition: A small European insectivore Erinaceus Europaeligus and other allied species of Asia and Africa having the hair on the upper part of its body mixed with prickles or spines It is able to roll itself into a ball so as to present the spines outwardly in every direction It is nocturnal in its habits feeding chiefly upon insects.

Definition: Wharfage quayage

Definition: A division of Hydroidea including those genera that secrete a stony coral as Millepora and Stylaster Two forms of zooids in life project from small pores in the coral and resemble those of other hydroids See Millepora

Definition: In a digested or well arranged manner methodically

Definition: The act of entombing or burying or state of being entombed burial

Definition: To convert again into a forest as a region of country

Air level
Definition: Spirit level See Level

Definition: A light kind of helmet with or without a visor introduced during the 15th century

Definition: One who undertakes one who engages in any project or business

Definition: deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote  Opposite of enfranchised

Definition: Of or pertaining to or designating an acid derived from meconic acid

Definition: A rude picture as of a bird beast or the like used by the North American Indians as a symbolic designation as of a family or a clan also the object or animal itself considered as an symbol of the family

Definition: Having six eyes

While “Togged” had my attention, it will probably come as no surprise that Senocular actually got me to quit clicking my way through SAT words and draw something. This, actually:

04272013 - The Other Ones, 3 of several

I wasn’t sure if this would work, the additional eyes kind of take away from the “cuteness” factor, depending on who you’re asking, but I figured I would try it anyway.

I think that the stunted limbs work a lot better than I initially expected. This kind of makes me wonder where The Other Ones might come from, if such variations exist.

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