Dragon-A-Day Online Day 873: Spikedown.

It was an exciting weekend for a few reasons. As I sit here winding down alone in my apartment lair, getting used to the solitude once again, I find myself a little unfocused and tired.

11182013 - Spikedown.I started this with a squat egg shape and started adding spikes to it. At some point I realized (or maybe decided) that these protrusions would only be anchored by skin- there wasn’t really enough dragon to hold them in place. Then I decided to blunt the first one, thinking that they could all lie flatter- perhaps as armor , where they would only have to be thick and lie flat, instead of offense where they might get pulled or bashed against…

However, I ultimately decided against that too, and left the rest of them the way they were, because Rule of Cool.

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