Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 875: Cuddly-sweet.

Sometimes, when I don’t know what to do, I thumb through my sketchbook and make sure that there aren’t any threads that I haven’t left unraveled. While I was doing that, I remembered a text message that had come in a few weeks ago:

“Thx for sharing the dragon deck on ur blog. Also, the jabberwocky is fucking terrifying. That is all. :)

Due to the vagaries of technology, my exact answer has been lost to the Mists of Time. However, I’m pretty sure that it was something to the effect that the Jabberwocky is in fact quite cute. The response was:

“No. No it isn’t, lol. It’s an evil rabbit dragon mutant.”

Remembering that exchange made me smile, so I drew this:

 11202013 - Cuddly-sweet.

Like a bubble-eyed goldfish.

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