Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 881: Ornate Envy.

While at Pathfinder tonight, I realized that I seem to sketch these ornate Eastern dragons when I am bored or tired, but I didn’t know why. I think it’s because there’s more or less a specific Right Way to do it, and I understand that pretty well now. With the Western-style dragon, it’s a big blank canvas of possible textures, markings and shapes and it can be a bit intimidating without some sort of direction.

Nevertheless, tonight I set out to do something a little more detailed because The West needs some attention to detail too. I’m not 100% sure how  I feel about the result, but here you go:

11262013 - Ornate Envy.The main cause of concern is the underbelly scales- I did all the work on the dorsals, and then realized I couldn’t/shouldn’t leave the belly blank, so I started filling it in, and at some point I totally fluffed it, which made me annoyed with myself.

I can do better. I’m glad that I tried, though.

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