Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 893: Random Word: Lobster Backed.

Lobster backed

Definition: Of or pertaining to British soldiers during the Revolutionary War in America so called because of their red coats.

When I first saw this, I thought of lobstered steel, because a lobster’s back (well, the back of the thorax, anyway) is a single piece of chitin, and I did this:

12082013 - random WOrd: Lobster Backed.Admittedly, looking at it now, the plates do not layer as well as they ought to have, but I like what I did with the head.

Things have been getting very sketchy lately; I’ve been erasing less and keeping drawings very loose. I’m not sure why, but this sketch seemed to bring the point home more for some reason. I mean, I’m still doing fairly tight drawings, but Taking a look at things, there’s definitely been some fast-and-loose going on. Not sure what that means.

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