Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 900: Under the Influence.

So while browsing around the interwebs with my sketchbook in hand, I saw this:

Source: The Meta Picture. Original Source: (sadly) Unknown.

Source: The Meta Picture. Original Source: (sadly) Unknown.

Which, also according to the Internet, makes sense:


Originally found on cheezburger.com, though it was a long time ago, and, may the Gods of Attribution forgive me, I have no link to provide.

SO, clearly I had to do something with this.

12142013 - Under the Influence.I acknowledge that the perspective is not the best.

I started out with the idea of drawing something more serpentine wrapped around the fridge like the dragon who guarded the Golden Fleece is sometimes depicted, but abandoned it. I like this idea a little better.

Also, I kind of wanted to do something with some sort of psychedelic fractal in the background (that’s what happens on an LSD trip, right?) but I couldn’t find anything suitable that I could use with only attribution (I didn’t look that hard, to be fair).

All that having been said, I like this fridge-dragon, even if it might solely exist in whatever space one visits on a vision quest.

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